Mispersepsi Lingkup Kerja Engineer

Sebuah quote dari salah satu group di Facebook, couldnt agree more than this lah pokonamah!

I have officially reached a point where if someone would now ask me if Electronic/Electrical Engineers fix TVs and VCRs I am going to punch them so hard that they forget what a TV is in the first place. My full respect to all technicians and repairmen, but that is not what engineers do.

There is so much misunderstanding about what an Electronic/Electrical Engineer or any kind of Engineer for that matter does, whether Electrical, Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Nucleur… It’s not only a problem within the engineering fields but with any university discipline. Many people are ignorant and do not understand what a particular discipline involves. Engineering though is probably the most affected by this ignorance as the things we deal with are too intellectually difficult for most people to even start to comprehend.

Speaking as an Electronic Engineer, even if I tried explaining what I do to someone they just do not understand and end up with the conclusion that we fix TVs (that’s if they didn’t think that in the first place). So what do we do? you probably wouldn’t understand if we told you and if you do understand then you should already know.


wkwkwk 😀

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